Just outside the city of Charleston, South Carolina lies one of the south’s oldest and most fabled flora: the Angel Oak Tree. 

You don’t need to be an arborist to appreciate its majesty. While its 65-foot height is nothing to scoff at, the true awe-factor of Angel Oak Tree is its outward growth. Many of its limbs are so wide, they’re as thick as trees themselves—some even rest on the ground.

Unlike other trees, Angel Oak Tree seems to invite you into it: and once you’re under its canopy, your eye will be drawn every which way to admire the whimsical shapes its branches make. All in all, the canopy provides 17,000 square-feet of shade—more space than six average-sized homes.

We highly recommend a visit to this South Carolina landmark. Here’s everything you should know before you go.

Angel Oak Tree from below

How old is Angel Oak Tree?

Angel Oak Tree’s age has been a topic of debate, but the consensus agrees that it’s about 400 to 500 years old.

Records show that the land the tree grows on originally belonged to South Carolina’s Cussoe tribe. By the 1700s, the tree was part of the estate of a wealthy man named Abraham Waight. The land and tree stayed in the family for generations and served as the wedding site of Waight’s descendants Martha W.T. Angel and Justus Angel, for whom the tree is named.

In its life, Angel Oak has weathered countless storms and serious natural disasters. It’s also bore witness to many eras in South Carolina history. Local folklore claims that the tree’s name also alludes to the ghosts of slaves from the plantation the land used to belong to that appear around the tree at night.

Where is Angel Oak?

Angel Oak Tree is located in Angel Oak Park, just a half-hour from Charleston and Kiawah Island off Maybank Highway. The official address for the park is 3688 Angel Oak Road, Charleston, SC 29402.

When is the best time to visit Angel Oak?

Angel Oak’s hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday and 1 pm to 5 pm on Sunday. Check the Charleston Park Conservancy calendar to plan your trip around special events or celebrations.

looking up at angel oak tree

What can I expect from my visit to Angel Oak Tree?

In order to protect this precious natural relic, no climbing or carving is allowed at the Angel Oak. Blankets and chairs are also not allowed on or under the tree.

But that doesn’t mean you have to just snap a photo and go. Picnic tables are available on the outskirts of the tree’s canopy. Bring lunch—or pick up a tomato pie or peach cobbler from nearby Blackbird Market to share while spending some time marveling at the Angel Oak’s majesty.

There’s also an onsite gift shop where you can find Lowcountry souvenirs and memorabilia to bring home.

Vacation rental near trees on Kiawah Island

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