Handicap Access on Kiawah Island

this boardwalk provides access to the VV one of our best vacation rentals in Kiawah Island

Handicap access guide for most accessible vacation rentals on Kiawah Island. Upto 10 ramped boardwalks to the beach and our best properties

Timing is Everything When You Purchase a Kiawah Island Vacation Rental

The real estate professionals at Kiawah Island Getaways break down the ideal timeline for purchasing and preparing your vacation rental investment property.   When it comes to entering the Kiawah Island vacation rental market, it pays to think about timing. The sooner you’re able to get your ducks in a row with planning, permitting and necessary […]

How to Spot a Sand Dollar on the Beach

Searching for Sand Dollars During our Kiawah vacations, when we were a young couple in the 80’s, we used to comb the beaches endlessly for sand dollars.  Shawn’s dad would wake us up around 5 AM and we’d bike out to the east end of the beach with dad in the lead.  He always planned […]

Guide To Dolphin‌ ‌Strand‌ ‌Feeding‌ On Kiawah Island

There are lots of people who love South Carolina and the Charleston-area islands, particularly given the opportunity to see Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. This is a beautiful marine mammal that is commonly sighted at low tide and is aggressively protected by the local Beach Patrol and local wildlife laws. There are numerous educational programs that focus […]

Outdoor Dining on Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island Outdoor Dining  We’ve always been fans of outdoor dining around Kiawah Island—even before everyone’s least-favorite pandemic swept in. After all, one of life’s true pleasures is digging into a delicious meal under a string of lights in the Lowcountry evening breeze. Or stepping in from the beach for a poolside sandwich and an […]

Tips for Buying an Investment Property on Kiawah Island

Here on Kiawah Island—against the odds—we’re fortunate to be having a booming summer for tourism in 2020.  Why such luck? First, South Carolina has a more “hands-off” state government, so we opened sooner than many other places in the US following the COVID-19 shutdowns.  In addition to this, many of our Southern neighbors (and beyond) […]

Riverside Relaxation & Endless Ocean Views: Introducing Two New Properties

New accommodations Kiawah Island

We mean it when we say that every rental in our portfolio is special to us. From luxury villas on tree-lined golf courses to impeccable ocean view penthouses, each rental has brought joy to our guests—which is what’s most important to us. We’re pleased to introduce the two newest accommodations in the Kiawah Island Getaways […]

Learn About Kiawah Island Getaways’ Cleaning Procedure

Before we get into the details about our meticulous, CDC-approved cleaning procedures at Kiawah Island Getaways, we want to share a message from the vacation rental industry.  This short video—called “To Guests, with Love”—showcases in 4 minutes just what guests mean to us “mom & pop” vacation rental companies. Give it a watch!  Here’s our […]