Baby and Toddler Equipment

burly bike

Rent a Tag-Along – The Tag-Along Bike attaches to an Adult Bike and makes bike trips fun and accessible for the entire family. Ideal for 4- to 6-year-old children who have outgrown the Burley Trailer (see below), but who can’t keep up on their own bikes yet. The Tag-Along allows young children, up to 85 pounds, to pedal along with the grownups and bike farther than they could on their own bike.

Rent a Burley Trailer For Your Toddlers – a “Burley” is a trailer that attaches to an Adult Bike and carries up to two small tots (up to a combined weight of 100 lbs).

Portable Crib (24″ x 38″) – Please let us know in which room you would like for this to be set up.
Pack-N-Play – You can set it up in any room you like.
Toddler Inflatable Bed (28″x52″) with sides, sheet, blanket and electric pump – for ages 2+ (up to 48″ tall).  Not recommended for children under 16 months.
High Chair – We will have this set up in the dining room.