Bikes and Beach Chair Rentals

Don’t miss out on Kiawah’s two main activities – Beaching and Biking!! With over 30 miles of bike paths and 10 miles of uninterupted pristine beach, these rentals will help you enjoy both!!

Click Here to Reserve Full-Service Beach Umbrellas and Canvas Beach Chairs (Available Seasonally). These are full-service canvas beach chairs and umbrellas. They are set up for you each morning by the Kiawah Beach Service between 9:30 and 10 and taken down each afternoon between 4:30 and 5. These are available to anyone staying on the island.

Biking on Kiawah is A MUST for a relaxing, well-rounded Kiawah Vacation. Kiawah offers over 30 miles of flat, paved biking trails that meander all over the island. Also – you’ll want to explore the beach by bike – just point your bike in the direction of the wind and you’ll practically sail down the beach. Return home by taking a bike trail. In each property, we provide you with a laminated map of Kiawah that also shows the bike/leisure trails.


There is also a 1.5 mile bike path that extends from the front guard gate out to the Freshfields Village shopping center. Be sure to rent bike baskets along with your bikes if you plan to bike out to the grocery store or do other shopping by bicycle.


Bike, Bike Basket, Beach Chair and Boogie Board Rentals

Adult Bike (Free Portable Beach Chair rental with each Adult Bike rental): $50 plus tax for up to 1 week rental.
Tag-Along Bike (must rent at least one Adult Bike with this): $50 plus tax for up to 1 week rental.
Burley Bike Trailer (must rent at least one Adult Bike with this): $60 plus tax for up to 1 week rental.
Bike Basket: $10 plus tax for up to 1 week rental.
Portable Beach Chair: $20 plus tax for up to 1 week rental.
Boogie Board: $20 plus tax for up to 1 week rental.

These items will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive on the island. Beach chairs and boogie boards will be sitting just outside your front door, bikes will be parked in the nearest bike rack. Printed information regarding bike lock combinations, bike descriptions and bike location will be sitting on a countertop or on the kitchen table inside your rental property.

Note: These items are only available to guests renting accommodations through Kiawah Island Getaways.

burly bike

Tag-Along – The Tag-Along Bike attaches to an Adult Bike and makes bike trips fun and accessible for the entire family. Ideal for 4- to 6-year-old children who have outgrown the Burley Trailer (see below), but who can’t keep up on their own bikes yet. The Tag-Along Bike allows young children, up to 85 pounds, to pedal along with the grownups and bike farther than they could on their own bike.

Burley Trailer for your Toddlers – a Burley is a trailer that attaches to an Adult Bike and carries up to two small tots (up to a combined weight of 100 lbs).