Kiawah Island Wildlife Encounters

There are countless reasons to love it here, but for many visitors (and residents like us!) up-close encounters with Kiawah Island wildlife tops the list. Our protected, ecologically diverse island—with its beaches, woodlands and coastal marshes—creates the ideal habitat for a whole range of critters of the sea, earth and sky. Take a look at our infographic below to learn more about Kiawah Island’s most popular wildlife—from creatures you’re likely to spot during your visit (like deer) to our more elusive residents (like bobcats). Traveling to Kiawah Island with kiddos? Print this PDF and keep it on-hand to see what you spot!

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Be Kind to Kiawah Island Wildlife

While you’re here, please be mindful of our wild neighbors. Some tips to help you live harmoniously:

  • While you are driving on the island—especially at night—be on the lookout for animals crossing the road. Deer especially can seemingly come out of nowhere very quickly!
  • Although it is very tempting, do not feed the wildlife. This alters their natural instincts and weakens their ability to find food on their own.  It can also make them more aggressive towards humans.
  • Help our loggerhead turtles make a safe journey to the sea. If you stay on the beach from May through August, ensure that you turn off any outdoor lights. These can disorient the loggerheads, who use the moonlight to guide them home.
  • Keep a safe distance from all wildlife, and make sure your kiddos and dogs do the same. 
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