Kiawah Bikes, Beach Chairs and Umbrella Rentals

Photo by Russ Bryant, New York Times
Photo by Russ Bryant, New York Times

Don’t miss out on Kiawah’s two main activities – Biking and Beaching!!

With over 30 miles of bike paths and 10 miles of uninterupted pristine beach, you’ll want to enjoy both!!   What’s the best way to see Kiawah Island? By pedaling around with sand beneath your tires and an ocean breeze in your hair, of course.

We’ve created a map of the best bike trails on Kiawah Island, where you’ll find everything from treks along the shoreline to journeys to local oyster cookouts.

full-service-bothFull Service Set on the Beach

Set up daily on the beach.  Includes 1 Umbrella and 2 Beach Chairs. Rent these directly on the beach.

Biking on Kiawah is A MUST for a relaxing, well-rounded Kiawah Vacation. Kiawah offers over 30 miles of flat, paved biking trails that meander all over the island. Also – you’ll want to explore the beach by bike – just point your bike in the direction of the wind and you’ll practically sail down the beach. Return to your villa by taking a bike trail home. In each villa we provide you with laminated maps of Kiawah that also show the Kiawah biking trails.

There is also a 1.5 mile bike path that continues the existing bike path from the front guard gate out to the Freshfields shopping center. Be sure to rent bike baskets along with your bikes if you plan to bike out to the grocery store or do other shopping.