What’s the best way to see Kiawah Island? By pedaling around with sand beneath your tires and an ocean breeze in your hair, of course.

We’ve created a map of the best bike trails on Kiawah Island, where you’ll find everything from treks along the shoreline to journeys to local oyster cookouts. But with so many great options, how do you know which trip to choose?

We hope you’ll spend enough time on the island to enjoy them all! But if you’re looking to narrow down your options, we’ve put together a guide to the best bike trails on Kiawah Island for each personality. Whether you love watching coastal birds cut across the sky or prefer mingling with the locals, there’s a trail that’s guaranteed to be worth your time.

Kiawah Island beach biking

The Wildlife Enthusiasts

Dolphins, alligators, river otters, deer—there’s a whole population of winged, finned, and four-legged creatures that you can spot when you hit the bike trails on Kiawah Island.

Set out on the beach in the morning or late afternoon and ride straight down the hard-packed sand to the east end. Stop along the way to dip your toes in tide pools and herd minnows with your feet as they dart back and forth in schools. Once you’ve reach the soft sand on tip of the island, walk your bike to the waters and keep an eye out for wildlife.

Or bike to Captain Sam’s Inlet on the west end to watch dolphins play where the river meets the ocean. If you’re lucky, you may even catch sight of one fishing in the shallow surf.

See wildlife flying high and slinking deep when you pedal around Night Heron Park. Listen for the song of the loggerhead shrike or look to the skies to catch sight of the cheerful yellow pine warbler or iridescent tree swallow. Glance out across the pond and you’re bound to see tall herons wading and even alligators swishing their way through the waters.

scenic bike trails kiawah island

The Scenery Seeker

Seeking the most scenic spots on the island to impress your Instagram followers? Or just want to experience Mother Nature’s handiwork? Then Eagle Point is a must-visit. It’s one of our favorite spots on the island for its quiet serenity and sweeping views. Pedal out to the open marsh and catch glimpses across the greenery all the way to Cooper River Bridge. Can’t get enough of the wetland views? Pack lunch and ride bikes over to Mingo Point, where you can dig in at picnic tables with panoramic lowcountry views, or go for a spin down the Kiawah Island Parkway, over the Kiawah River and into Rhett’s Bluff to take in scenes of the marsh and Bass Pond. And then, of course, there’s the marsh towers. These tucked-away viewpoints soar over 30 feet skywards so you can see the island from a birds-eye view. Ride the trails at Cougar Point to the Marsh View Tour, or pedal along Marsh Island Park (off Governor’s Drive in Vanderhorst) to find the Marsh Island Park Tower.

clubhouse bike trails kiawah island

The Social Butterfly

For most, hitting the bike trails on Kiawah Island is all about reconnecting with nature. But for some, it’s a social experience. For those people-people, we recommend pedaling from the guardhouse to Freshfields Shopping Village, where you can grab a bite to eat, shop the boutiques, and even catch spirit tastings, jazz nights, and meditation workshops.

Keep following the path, beyond the village towards Seabrook Island and you’ll find Bohicket Marina. Stop to watch the boats sail by or dine on fresh caught fish (and don’t forget to grab an ice cream cone to fuel your journey home).

Foodies can also earn their meal by riding out to Mingo Point on Monday nights in the summer, when locals and visitors alike gather for a traditional lowcountry oyster roast and BBQ. Bring the kids and a little extra cash: you’ll find naturalist demonstrations, local merchants, and a design-your-own beach bag station to visit after you’ve finished chowing down. You’ll need a reservation to attend: call (843) 768-2121 to save your spot.

Rather indulge in a liquid lunch? Ride past unique shingle-style architecture to the Ocean Course Clubhouse, where you can reward yourself with a cold drink and panoramic ocean views at the Ryder Cup Bar.

accommodations near bike trails kiawah island

Getaways Near the Best Bike Trails on Kiawah Island

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