Check-Out Guide


- Wash and dry all used beach towels, if any.
- Strip beds. Leave blankets, duvets and shams on the bed. Place all dirty bed sheets and towels by the washer.
- Start a load of sheets.


- Place all dirty dishes, including those from the counter and fridge into the dishwasher.
- If you've used the coffee maker, also place the non-disposable coffee filter inside of the dishwasher.
- Start the Dishwasher.


- Throw away all opened food and drinks (but feel welcome to leave any unopened items).
- Take out all trash, including the bathroom and kitchen trash.


- Be sure to log out of any of your streaming accounts such as Netflix and Hulu.

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Extra Notes:

- Ensure you have all of your personal items before leaving.
- If you received a flower arrangement, please leave the vase behind. Also leave reusable corks, clips and all other items from the property.