Kiawah Island Full Service Chairs and Umbrellas

You’ve already booked your Kiawah Island Getaways dream vacation rental  and your flight is booked. Your brand-new bathing suit is hanging in your closet begging to see the sunshine. You find yourself daydreaming about salty air during yet another “could-have-been-a-phone-call” staff meeting.

You are ready to kick-back, relax and leave the stress behind.

There is just one thing. Lugging chunky beach equipment to-and-from the beach sounds like the opposite of relaxing. We get it. Luckily, we already did the leg work for you and we found a company that offers full service beach chairs and umbrellas so all you need to bring is yourself, sunscreen, and a cooler of snacks and refreshments.  


These full-service canvas beach chairs and umbrellas are set up each morning (available seasonally) by the Island Beach Service. Rentals are available to any boardwalk location (private or public) on Kiawah’s Beach, except for the County Park and beyond boardwalk 40. Set-up is normally between 9 and 10 am, take-down is normally between 4 and 5 pm. Umbrellas and beach chairs may be reserved directly with the Beach Service on the beach.

Please note that this service is offered by the Island Beach Service, not Kiawah Island Getaways. You may rent these on the beach when you arrive.