Kiawah Island Fishing - Top 5 Fishing Spots!

Welcome to Kiawah Island, a paradise ranked as one of the top fishing destinations on the East Coast. With 10 miles of pristine beaches, freshwater and brackish ponds, saltwater rivers, and serene marshlands, it’s a place where families can bond and connect with nature. Whether you’re a casual fisherman or just looking for some time with family, Kiawah has it all. Just remember, a fishing license is required for any fishing on the island. Let’s dive into the top fishing locations on Kiawah Island.

1. Go Fishing All Along the Coast of Kiawah

Spend a day at the beach enjoying surf fishing. The warm sands and uncrowded shoreline make it ideal for casting a line with family.

Colorful portable beach chairs with umbrellas set near the waves at Kiawah Island, offering a peaceful seaside retreat.

2. Cast your rod on Kiawah River

Explore the oyster banks and salt marshes at the mouth of Kiawah River near the front entrance to Kiawah. Pull off to the side of the road as you cross the river that defines the borders of Kiawah. There are areas on either side of the bridge where you can park. The river is adjacent to the marsh on either side of the bridge.

3. Fish in Night Heron Parks Stocked Ponds

Perfect for family outings, Night Heron Park’s stocked ponds and community docks make fishing fun and accessible for all ages. Bring a picnic and cast your rod!

4. Bass Pond Fishing Dock

Explore the 60+ ponds on Kiawah Island, particularly Bass Pond Fishing Dock. Known for bass, bream, and carp, it’s a prime location for freshwater fishing. This area is more remote – and you will have to take your bike out past the 2nd gate to access this area. The experience is well worth it!

Twilight hues cast over the calm waters at Bass Pond, with the serene Kiawah Island fishing dock extending into the water, from the Visit Kiawah Island Guide.

5. Go Net Fishing at Beach Walker Drive Lagoon

For easy fishing – try casting a net into the lagoon located down this road. Or – bait a string with an old chicken neck and hang it over the side of the spillway to catch crabs! Fish, especially oily fish (spray it with Pam spray), also is a good bait for crabs.

Where to Buy your Gear?

Find everything you need at local bait shops, such as the one above, scattered around the island. From rods and reels to bait like cut shrimp or live fiddler crabs, they have you covered.

Let's Go Fishing!

Kiawah Island offers a symphony of fishing experiences, perfect for family bonding or individual exploration. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of reeling in a trophy marlin or simply looking to enjoy a relaxing day by the ocean, Kiawah Island is ready to welcome you. Start planning your epic fishing trip to Kiawah Island today, and don’t forget to check out luxury rental options to make your stay unforgettable.

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