Kiawah's Beach

Kiawah Island beach biking

Feel free to ride your bikes down Kiawah’s 10 mile stretch of hard-packed sand. Start off with the wind at your back and sail on down the beach with little effort pedaling – when you reach the other end, locate a boardwalk and return via a bike trail. This is the easiest method – and you’ll see a good bit of the island. In the summer, loggerhead turtles lay their eggs in the soft sand of the dunes. Activities on Kiawah’s beach include surfing, kayaking, shelling, fishing, and plenty of wildlife viewing.

Unique among the barrier islands, commercial development is virtually non-existent on Kiawah. This island was meticulously planned to be environmentally sound. Be sure to stroll the beach at sunset and watch for Kiawah’s friendly dolphins as they play in the gentle surf.

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